Transform your business by transforming yourself. North Star Leadership Coaching offers leaders, business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs the skills and insights they need to achieve the next level of business.

     North Star Leadership Coaching is a firm that provides personal guidance, training, and tools to challenge leaders to re-think what is possible, access their personal best, and carry that achievement over to professional success. As personal breakthroughs are made, they translate seamlessly into business breakthroughs.  

     The coaching philosophy of North Star Leadership Coaching is designed to be challenging and edgy, to break through what is currently considered normal for you. It may be a personal challenge to achieve your best, or a race to drive your business to the top. Either way, you can always attempt to train on your own, or like an Olympic champion, you can seek the professional help of an experienced coach to reach what seems unattainable. Coaching provides access to that which is unpredictable, unknown, and discontinuous with your past experiences.