The Coach

Carlos has combined his passions for philosophy, business and carlos.jpgpersonal development into a thriving coaching business. His professional and personal lives have entwined to create North Star Leadership Coaching, dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and leaders as they strive to unleash their true potential. His artful approach challenges each client in unexpected ways, garnering amazing breakthroughs that transform them as individuals and business leaders. His work as a consultant, workshop leader and executive coach is solidly grounded and highly engaging to produce effective results.

Carlos holds a BA in Philosophy from Whitworth University and graduated from Accomplishment Coaching School in 2007, an ICF Certified coaching school. Since 2007 Carlos has successfully completed work through Funlightenment Coaching, Spiritual Physique Coaching, Cybernetic Transposition Coaching and Core Concepts of Christian Counseling. He has built his own successful practice, coaching hundreds of leaders in the Spokane area all the way to Washington D.C.. True to his philosophy of self-examination and views of the individual as a work in progress, he is constantly furthering his own education in his field. In his spare time, Carlos volunteers as a youth soccer coach and as an instructor for leaders training to facilitate small groups.