6-12 Month Executive Individual Coaching and 6-12 Month Team Coaching Contracts

Whether individually or with teams North Star Leadership Coaching helps leaders bridge the gap between personal and business development. This is done by focusing on several core competencies:

            Responsibility, Being One’s True Self, Taking Powerful Action, Effective Business Planning,

            Business with Purpose, Creating a Success Circle, Team Development, Practicing Stillness,

            Creating Powerful Business Culture, Much More...

Successful integration of these competencies produces a more responsible and conscientious leader whose business reflects these strengths. Carlos can work directly with you to create a “success circle”—structured, positive, and meaningful professional relationships that develop long-term connections with quality business professionals and create breakthroughs that otherwise would not happen.

You may also choose to develop a unique “business plan” to map out your vision for the future by breaking down barriers into obstacles that you can overcome. Whatever plan of action you choose to take, North Star Leadership Coaching is there to support you.